Wagers L24h: 6   /   Market Cap: $703,453.48   /  Potential Payouts: $28,095.91   /  Bets: $1,600.00   /  Market Profits: -$351,326.94  

Tipping System

The PMX player incentive program is built on the �Tipping System�.

In fact, the environment and culture we want to create at the PMX is one of appreciation for winning information. If players are sharing winning information, then why not tip them for their hard work?

In fact, we encourage all visitors who are following certain players and are benefiting from their winning data, to show their appreciation by giving them a tip.

Winning doesn't happen by accident, many players work hard on their craft and if they are encouraged by your gracious appreciation, it gives them hope and incentive to keep sharing their winning information.

Everybody loves to win, why not show them some love by tipping them?

Payment Method

You can tip players by the following 4 methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.