How it Works

The Parlay Market eXchange (PMX) is a free networking site that tracks and shares players winning “PARLAY PICKS” byusing our very own banking system and advanced charting tools. The PMX DOES NOT track single game picks, players must enter a combination of 2 to 10 picks along with the wager amount.

$10,000 Starting Bonus

Once you've signed up at the PMX, every player is automatically awarded a $10,000 starting bonus in their account to get started. No real money is ever funded in your account, everything is based on a “play for fun” basis.

However, the information shared on this site can be used for your own financial benefit.

How to Make Picks

*Note: You can make as many parlay packages picks as you want.

Show Picks

The PMX will track all of your “PARLAY PICKS” as 1 selection. Once you've made 1 parlay package, those picks will be graded and monitored and added to your financial summary page.

Players will have the ability to go back and see every package they've entered into the system and they'll be able to see the sports, amount wagered, payout amount and “Return on Investment”if the pick package won or lost.

Pick Summary

On the Picks Summary page, players will get a quick snapshot on how their “Sports Betting Portfolio” did during each month. Players will have the ability to call up different months, to see if they can find a certain pattern or betting trend they can utilize in their favor to make a profit.

Tipping System

The PMX incentive program is built on the “Tipping System”. In fact, the environment and culture we want to create at the PMX is one of appreciation. If players are sharing winning information, then why not tip them for their hard work?

In fact, we encourage all visitors who are following certain players and are benefiting from theirwinning information by showing their appreciation by giving them a tip.

Players work hard on their craft and if they are encouraged by your gracious appreciation, it gives them hope and incentive to keep sharing their winning information. Everybody loves to win, why not show them some love by tipping them?