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Why Join PMX?

(PMX is a play for fun site, no real money is exchanged)

The Parlay Market eXchange (PMX) was built to provide players a better way to enjoy BIGGER payouts! The two most popular forms of sports betting are single game wagers and parlays.

•  Single Game Betting = Higher Risk = Lower Rewards
•  Parlay Game Betting = Lower Risk = Higher Rewards

How many times have you won a big bet, only to give it back to the sportsbook the next day? One of the secrets to be successful in the sports betting game is knowing when to quit when you're ahead. When you are betting on single action games, you need to go on a winning streak to really reap the financial rewards.

In my 21 years experience of sports wagering, my biggest payouts have always been off parlays and horse racing bets because of the longshots. Single game betting is profitable if you can exercise some discipline and following a winning strategy.

Therefore, when you join the PMX, you will be able to follow the hottest players in the game and have access to all of the financial analysis necessary to make an educated decision based on each players financial facts.

The PMX system is based on the following 3 FUNDAMENTALS :

- Profits
- Account Balance
- Player Loans

At the end of the day, we feel it's important for the betting public to understand, if somebody is successful, are they doing it with house money or from their own profits.

One of the best features about the PMX is the detailed financial facts and charted trends you can follow of every player and see what type of strategy they are utilizing to make a profit. Remember, betting single games on a daily basis requires a big starting budget and if you start off with a losing record, you will have to keep funding your account to keep wagering.

Example of a bad start:

Single Game Wagering :

- Starting Bankroll = $1000
- Unit Per Wager = 1 unit = $100
- If Wager Wins = Lay $110 to win $100
- If Wager Loses = Lay $-110 to lose $-110
- Record after first 5 bets = 0 wins 5 loses (Player is down $-550)
- Bankroll After 5 Losing Bets = $450

Parlay Game Wagering :

- Starting Bankroll = $1000
- Unit Per Wager = 1 unit = $20
- If Parlay Wins (5 teamer at 11/10 odds) = Lay $20 to win $487.18
- If Parlay Loses (5 teamer at 11/10 odds) = Lay $20 to lose $20
- Record after first 5 bets = 0 wins 5 loses (Player is down $-100)
- Bankroll After 5 Losing Parlays = $900

As you can see from the example above; the risk are lower betting parlays and the rewards are greater. Furthermore, by lowering the amount you wager, allows you to keep wagering for a longer period of time.

There's a golden rule in investing; never risk any amount of money you can't afford to lose, if you know it's going to be putting you at any kind of financial risk or hardship.

Parlay wagering should be considered like buying a lottery ticket; "lower your risk, but enjoy the reward when you hit it the jackpot!"


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